25 September 2021
Los Angeles County reports 978 new COVID19 cases and 22 additional deaths, bringing the totals to 55,968 cases and 2,384
Actor and activist Jamie Foxx takes a knee
Two men were wounded, one critically, in a shooting in the Emerald Hills area, police reported Monday.​
There will be two curfews in Santa Monica today. 1 pm in the business district, 4 pm for the rest of the city.
People gather at City Hall in San Francisco to peacefully rally for justice in George Floyd killing
Barricades are set up on these streets blocking traffic.
Rally at San Francisco City Hall.
One person was injured and four arrested in an officer-involved shooting during the looting of a Hayward CVS pharmacy early Monday morning, authorities said
2 officers were assaulted. One by a skateboard, another by a stun gun type device says
100+ Arrested as Violence, Looting Follows Peaceful Protests in Downtown San Diego
Many streets in the downtown area will be closed today. There will be limited BART service to Walnut Creek. The downtown area will be patrolled by officers from Walnut Creek and other agencies.
The Walnut Creek Police Department is urging everyone to avoid the downtown area today. There are several potential protests planned and additional calls on social media for violence and looting.
Union Square SF after vandalism, looting on Saturday. After surveying damage at least 36 stores had their windows broken.
Facebook employees are staging a walkout today for the first time in the company's history. They are protesting the decision by Zuckerberg to allow Trump's post to stand
Looters raided an Amazon delivery van in broad daylight in Santa Monica, California. The city has imposed a curfew in response to the unrest following the death of George Floyd
SantaMonicaPD chief says around 400 people arrested last night after looting and that 95 percent do not reside in the city.
Fallout from some of the looting Bay Fair Mall in San Leandro: Target, Shiekh Shoes, T-Mobile others targeted
Hayward PD says 1 suspected looter was shot at the CVS @ Mission and Harder around 4am. Fortunately injuries are non-life threatening. A total of 4 suspects arrested. Not clear what lead up to the shooting
Small protest taking place right in Van Nuys
Police/SWAT surround CVS store on Mission Blvd in Hayward. May be related to widespread looting of drug stores and other businesses in the East Bay last night. Officers scouring the area with search dogs
Looters to leave small businesses in San Leandro alone. But Mandy's jewelry store on E. 14th Street was broken into and ransacked
The Game Stop and Mandy's jewelry store on 14th Street in San Leandro were broken into last night
San Vicente north of 3rd in front of ⁦@BeverlyCenter⁩ with ⁦NationalGuard⁩ standing by
Another look in front of ⁦@BeverlyCenter⁩
An impressive sight of NationalGuard staged in front of ⁦@BeverlyCenter⁩
Entire Walmart in San Leandro ruined by looters. They ransacked the store and set fires inside. Fire sprinklers still on to put out hot spots. FD believes all merchandise a loss due to water and smoke damage
Another look at ocean /Colorado NationalGuard
Santa Monica- in front if the pier ⁦@MarkKonoSky5⁩ over Colorado Ave & Ocean Avenue. NationalGuard is here
Police are looking for a killer who fatally shot a man in a wheelchair in North Hollywood on Friday night.​
Clovis @Target broken into Sunday night. (Clovis & Shaw) Police say a group of about 10-15 people shattered the glass in the front doors and stole electronics as well as other items.
This is what it looks like after people looted the Marina Square shopping center in SanLeandro.
Peaceful demonstrator returns to find her car vandalized amid chaos after George Floyd protests In Sacramento
A California reporter was live on air reporting on looting at a CVS store when several objects were apparently thrown at the news van
Monday-some of the destruction and prevention of destruction I saw this morning in downtown San Francisco. Many businesses boarded up windows
San Francisco Police @SFPD patrolling market street as curfew remains in effect because of looting and rioting.
The cleanup is underway in Santa Monica this morning. City crews are boarding up the REI that was broken into, while firefighters put out hot spots at the Sake House across the street.
14th and J Sacramento — another spot police needed to drive out big crowds blocking intersection with flash bangs within last 20 mins or so.
On the Officer-Involved Shooting that occurred when LAPD officers responded to an Assault call & encountered a female stabbing another female. The suspect is in stable condition, the stabbing victim died and no officers injured. The OIS is NOT related to the ongoing protests
Police sought a gunman men Sunday night in connection with a deadly shooting in downtown Los Angeles, officials said.​
Police investigating East Bakersfield shooting that left man dead
In San Francisco Sunday night, approximately 80 arrests were made in the Market Street, the South-of-Market and Union Square areas for violations of the curfew order or for looting
In Sacramento there is still a medic of some type on the scene. crowd in front of the convention center, policemen shooting off pepper balls or something, unknown at the moment. Several people have been hit with rubber bullets, including people just recording nearby
Police are moving down 14th street in Sacramento firing rubber bullets. Not clear at the moment what provoked the open fire. They seem to be moving, protesters are trapped and there's crying, a lot of females in the front lines tonight. More police coming, not sure why atm
Activity is escalating once again in downtown Sacramento, peaceful protesters chanting, police have road blocked J and 14th street at the convention center, policemen omg again are getting ready to shoot rubber bullets. Much smaller group but still no indication of violence
Working Fire at Hesperian blvd @ Drew Street in San Leandro. Crews reporting multiple storage units on fire. E22 initiating fire attack. E22, E23, E24, T12, E24, T25, Batt 4, E506 sanleandro
Oakland: Three arrested as suspects in police headquarters shooting
SanLeandro (Alameda Co) - 1919 Davis St @ the Walmart, upgraded to a working fire, units recharging the sprinkler system & hitting with 2 1/2in lines
The damage done to businesses reminds me of destruction from a nature disaster, like a tornado. One storefront is destroyed, yet the neighbor is untouched Of course, this is not a natural disaster.
Citrus Heights & Roseville - 911 Caller/Officer BOLO states there is a white 4 door car with 3 subjects inside of the car shooting. One was armed with a crow bar and another had a hand gun. Last seen on Roseville Road
At 12:09 AM, shots were fired at the Oakland Police Administration Building located at 455-7th Street. No injuries reported. Officers have detained 3 individuals in connection with this shooting in the 1900 block of San Pablo Avenue
Men with some serious weaponry standing guard at the 7-11 on J. It was smashed/ransacked last night, may have been hit again earlier this evening
A KCRA 3 crew was on scene as a group of looters was ransacking the BevMo in midtown Sacramento late Sunday night. As the looting was happening, police drove up with guns drawn and the looters fled the area. This same BevMo was looted Saturday night. -
Working Commercial Fire at 1919 Davis street in San Leamdro. Crews are reporting heavy smoke and fire coming from the front of the building. Crews knocking down the fire.
P.F. Chang's and the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium are directly next to each other. The restaurant had all its windows smashed after pd left.
Man shot and killed in downtown Los Angeles near the intersection of Olympic Boulevard and Hill Street,
Dumpster fire , 1100 Block at 17th Street
CLOVIS TARGET: The windows to the store have been smashed in.  The call came in around 10:30. The call came in as a burglary.  Still trying to figure out if anything was stolen1 year ago
CLOVIS TARGET: The windows to the store have been smashed in. The call came in around 10:30. The call came in as a burglary. Still trying to figure out if anything was stolen
Midtown is feeling incredibly unsafe. Bands of small groups wandering around. guy flash a piece at a motorist. This just happened at 17th and K
Here's a closer look from the other side.1 year ago
Here's a closer look from the other side.
Right before our LIVE hit, protesters broke glass to Subway on J and 13th. Several other businesses vandalized. Seeing young protesters carrying golf clubs, breaking windows. They didn't go inside.
Here's a closer look at the damage. at the Target near Shaw & Clovis Avenue. Officers are standing by to figure out more details on what was stolen
Heading out from the Capitol protest to follow some activity closer to midtown. group once again calls on police to take a knee
Sacramento firefighters are driving around putting out dumpster fires.
The BevMo on j and 17 heavily looted. It was momentarily guarded by police
Protests downtown at Kettner and Broadway. Dozens detained at 1st and G St. after clashes w police. Police fired off rubber bullet rounds.
Several people have been detained after tensions escalated Sunday night between San Diego Police and demonstrators
Here's the front of the protest line1 year ago
Here's the front of the protest line
Larger group at 10th and N takes a knee
Widespread destruction in Long Beach, California
Target in Clovis looted, police say
This poor security guard in front of Claim Jumper. A few protesters just walked past with extended hands.
100 W. G Street - Vandalism continuing at businesses along street and to police vehicles
Unconfirmed reports of looting but at least two entrances into the Santa Maria mall have been broken into @KSBY
A group of protesters expressing condolences to owners of Pennisi's after it was smashed again after last night. There's serious friction among people who are here to protest and those who are choosing to continue destruction
A Sacramento police officer takes a knee with a demonstrator at tonight's GeorgeFloyd protest
The police line at L and 10th is breaking down by half. Officers being sent to other locations in downtown. chemical agents deployed and a few officers fire plastic bullets to disperse crowd.
More than 900 people arrested amid violent weekend that started with mostly peaceful protests in Southern California
Beverly Hills will impose a second curfew on its business district from 1 p.m. Monday to 5:30 a.m. Tuesday, and a third citywide curfew from 4 p.m. Monday to 5:30 a.m. Tuesday, Mayor Les Friedman announced
Cameraman said he saw a demonstrator throw some sort of flare or Molotov cocktail prompting the plastic bullets.1 year ago
Cameraman said he saw a demonstrator throw some sort of flare or Molotov cocktail prompting the plastic bullets.
San Francisco police say they have made 80 arrests in the Market Street, SOMA and Union Square areas for violations of the curfew order or looting
Anger among protesters over a few who smashed the windows out at Vanini clothing store at the corner of 11th and L
At Rite Aid, on 9th and k, it was filled with smoke. A firefighter told sprinklers went off inside and it was out
There has been an LAPD Officer-Involved Shooting in the area of Melrose Ave & North Wilton Place. A Public Information Officer is responding to the scene
Flash bangs, pepper balls and gas send people running east on L1 year ago
Flash bangs, pepper balls and gas send people running east on L
Chopper is spotlighting a few people who apparently have accessed a rooftop at 10 and L1 year ago
Chopper is spotlighting a few people who apparently have accessed a rooftop at 10 and L
Tire burnouts and driving wrong way on 10th in front of the CA state capitol away from the police line.
Three bangs rang out. Crowd dispersed.1 year ago
Three bangs rang out. Crowd dispersed.
looting 99% of passers by have uttered disgust for looting- saying it isn't right.
Protests have turned destructive in downtown Sacramento. Some local businesses just had windows smashed on J st. Crowds running and line of officers zipping through streets.
LongBeach enacts an emergency curfew effective from 8pm- 5am. Curfew may be extended
1 year ago
A person was shot and possibly killed in downtown Los Angeles about 7:30 p.m. near the intersection of Olympic Boulevard and Hill Street, says Los Angeles police Officer Tony Im
Tear gas deployed as hundreds hold vigil in honor of George Floyd at the San Diego County building downtown
LASD and SMPD are sweeping down Lincoln from Santa Monica to Broadway. This street has been heavily hit by looters. Several storefronts with broken windows and cleared shelves. @KFIAM640
San José: around 400 people marching and chanting "F*ck your curfew" @mercnews
San Francisco - Group of 300-400 moving along Market St, also have a dumpster fire on Polk St near Market St
Looters targeting LongBeach along Long Beach Blvd from 4th to 6th. The El Super, stores at City Shopping Center and Jean Machine have been hit. @RoadSageLA calling it "complete anarchy." CBSLA
San Francisco police have declared the demonstration held at City Hall an unlawful assembly. Officials are requiring all to leave the area immediately as curfew is in effect as of 8 p.m
As a firefighter tries put out a car on fire in Santa Monica, a person appears to grab his hose
Curfew imposed in Huntington Beach. This begins for a section of town at 8pm. @cbsla #hubtingtonbeach
Chopper5 over @oaklandpoliceca activity on MacArthur Blvd. where looters broke in to the Shoe Palace
Downtown LA at City Hall. Protesters face-to-face with National Guard. Tense, but peaceful. @knx1070
Santa Monica police are making arrests throughout the city as they enforce the curfew, which took effect at 6 p.m. and goes through 6 a.m. tomorrow morning
People broke into a restaurant in Long Beach. Some leaving with bottles of booze. ⁦@KNX1070⁩
The National Guard is en route to Santa Monica, according to Mayor Pro Tem Terry O'Day
MorganHill protest calling for justice in GeorgeFloyd death peaceful throughout. No incidents. Minute of silence for all victims past and present
People holding up their flashlights on their phones in Waterfront Park. Hundreds still here. @KPBSnews
BLM protesters take a knee in front of LA City Hall as police and National Guard stand by. So far, peaceful. ⁦@KNX1070⁩
This is what's left of The Sake House in Santa Monica
A group of looters hit a store in West LA off Wilshire by 26th, the car got away but one of the looters didn't get in fast enough and LAPD chased him down and caught him. @FOXLA1 year ago
A group of looters hit a store in West LA off Wilshire by 26th, the car got away but one of the looters didn't get in fast enough and LAPD chased him down and caught him. @FOXLA
Day 3 of protests continue in Downtown Bakersfield. People have gathered outside Mechanics Bank Arena
This was the scene at around 12 p.m. today downtown. Chanting protesters walked through the streets. Police issued an unlawful assembly order hours later in the Broadway area
Crowd kneels down on the steps of city hall, facing national guard as they take a moment of silence #DTLAProtest
Los Angeles Police Department Air Support Division Airbus Helicopter H125 confucts aerial surveillance over downtown
As looting takes place in Santa Monica on Sunday, a couple of protesters put their lives in danger by standing in front of the REI store to stop the ransacking
Absolute Chaos along 4th street in Santa Monica. looting with impunity on both sides of the street. No police  in sight. We've watched this happen to dozens of stores for 45 minutes now1 year ago
Absolute Chaos along 4th street in Santa Monica. looting with impunity on both sides of the street. No police in sight. We've watched this happen to dozens of stores for 45 minutes now
More organized crime happening in Santa Monica. It's important to note - the looters are separate from the protesters who have remained peaceful. The Mercedes in the middle appears to have Florida plates and a lot of merchandise in the back. @ABC7
Amazon trucks looted in Santa Monica, CA
SANTA MONICA: Looters flee as SWAT team approaches
At the GeorgeFloyd protest in Santa Monica, California
Protesters march towards Third Street Promenade in SantaMonica, chanting "Black Lives Matter."
National Guard troops are staging currently in a parking lot near the LA Convention Center
Several hundred protesters marched through downtown San Diego today to demonstrate against the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis
A group of peaceful protesters have gathered in Santa Monica
These were the scenes on noon Sunday, where protesters spilled to the streets after meeting at the Hall of Justice in downtown San Diego to call for justice in the death of George Floyd.
3 of 4 exits from 15th and E Beijing ⁦@SanDiegoPD⁩ headquarters blocked by officers. Protesters chanting "don't shoot" tensionsrising
Clean up of damage and vandalism underway where looting and protesting occurred in Downtown Sacramento on K Street. Sharif Jewelers at 10th and K was ransacked last night.
Thinks getting testy outside ⁦@SanDiegoPD⁩ headquarters. Protesters arguing with each other. One shouted "let's tear the bi%c down". Others pleading for no more violence sandiegoprotest
Protesters are making their way onto I-5 south near downtown SanDiego
Hundreds marching across the intersection of PCH and Main
Police looking for the suspects responsible for the arson at the University Police Department in Chico. The suspects appeared to be males approximately 5'8" tall, with thin builds and wearing dark clothing and masks. Left the scene in a Ford SUV
Thousands of people are blocking the 5 fwy in downtown right now.
14th and E downtown , heavy police presence and a large group ahead near I-5
Police pursuit in Los Angeles Sunday afternoon
LA: Curfew for @LACity remains in place from 8pm-530am, per @MayorOfLA
Sky5 captured aerial video above the L.A. Convention Center on Sunday morning as the National Guard and law enforcement were using the facility as a staging area
Santa Ana councilwoman Cecilia Iglesias shared this video at McFadden/Bristol from the community clean up effort this morning after last night's protest involved vandalism. Many community members are upset and wanted to help this morning.
San Francisco officials on Sunday condemned the violence and looting that erupted on the streets late Saturday, warning residents to stay indoors after the city's new curfew goes into effect this evening
La Mesa residents rallied Sunday morning to clean up streets and board up windows after a night of looting and arson
More shots from downtown. Store owners are shaking their heads, cleaning up the mess. A group of young people with the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council was helping sweep up broken glass
The body of a 14-year-old boy was found near railroad tracks by a maintenance crew in the Bay Ho neighborhood, sheriff's officials said
More aftermath of looting in San Francisco's Chinatown.
There were 10 felony arrests for people booked with looting in San Francisco. "Many more" were detained, Police Chief Scott said
The National Guard has arrived in Los Angeles1 year ago
The National Guard has arrived in Los Angeles
The owner of Smoke & Vape Depot says he lost everything to looters, just days after reopening from a pandemic closure.
Protesters chanting "racist policemen have got to go". sandiegoprotest Peaceful so far. Hoping it stays that way
Protesters walking to Little Italy. @sandiegopd right behind them
Downtown LA wakes up to devastation after George Floyd protests
Looters hit San Francisco's Chinatown early this morning. A group of about 30 break into the LukFook jewelry store on Grant. This neighborhood has already suffered tremendously from Coronavirus-related discrimination
Downtown Los Angeles wakes to National Guard soldiers patrolling the streets today
An estimated 25-30 stores in San Francisco's Union Square were broken into and looted Saturday night during the demonstrations, an official with the Union Square Business Improvement District said. The cost of the damage is expected to be in the millions
Waking to the charred ruins of Chase Bank & Union Bank in LaMesa. Looters set the Spring Street banks on fire Saturday night. Flames were still feeding on the buildings Sunday morning
Just in from SPD: 18 arrests during last night's demonstrations in Sacramento, which evolved into more of a riot in the late hours
Guard deployed on Fairfax Avenue this morning as residents and merchants start to clean up the damage
Looters targeted stores in La Mesa shopping centers Saturday night following protests in the city.​
1 Dead, 1 Hospitalized In Early Morning Ceres Crash in the area of Hatch Road and Central Avenue.
In a line, law enforcement walked through the parking lot of Vons along University Avenue. Protesters could be seen in the area
The City of La Mesa has enacted a curfew beginning May 31st from 1:30AM-7:00 AM. Fires continue burning across the city. Protests have been ongoing since early this morning. City leaders urge people to go home.
It appears that multiple flashbangs have been used by Sac Police to disperse large crowd of protesters off J street.1 year ago
It appears that multiple flashbangs have been used by Sac Police to disperse large crowd of protesters off J street.
Cars driving east on I in both lanes, honking in what appears to be solidarity with protesters
LAFD has released/demobilized some of their resources from the Fairfax area. Still mopping up the structure fire at 6614 Melrose, the odd small fire in previously burned bldgs coming in & then.
Police block off 29th st on J. Protesters split in different directions on 28th.
Police at 26th on J. Protesters moving toward 27th
Mostly quiet now. 19th and J
Protesters migrated away from police, currently at J and 24th
Police advancing. Fireworks from protesters
Flash bangs, rubber bullets continue Sacramento1 year ago
Flash bangs, rubber bullets continue Sacramento
Back on the police line1 year ago
Back on the police line
Teargas and pepper balls1 year ago
Teargas and pepper balls
A group just set a bush on fire1 year ago
A group just set a bush on fire
Walking back down J Street, I spotted a few more casualties — a deli/restaurant and the convention center
Flash bang fired over remaining protesters
Police have arrived and are firing pepper balls on j at 21st
More looting. This is an eyeglasses store on J and 8th Street. Glass shattered, items stolen. people on the street start to get in our personal space in the last hour
Huge police presence around J and 19 + 20
Large cavalry of policemen headed toward 20th and J
Not a cop to be seen as they actively loot the BevMo on J
Officers firing. these are non-lethal shots. saw the crowd throwing bottles and other items at police. Lavender Heights J Street
Where is the police department There will be nothing left of J Street tomorrow. Again, these are not the actions of today's demonstrators. This is a small group
Outside the JLL building at 1303 J
J and 20th streets — Lavendar Heights — officers we should proceed carefully as they will have to use non-lethal methods to keep looters at bay
Near Temperance & Herndon in Clovis. a dog barking and see a man sitting off to the ground surrounded by two officers.
Group of looters were at 7/11 but mostly cleared out at 8 & j
Large group   on J Street, looting the optometrist Eyes on J for high-end glasses1 year ago
Large group on J Street, looting the optometrist Eyes on J for high-end glasses
The Chase Bank on Spring Street in La Mesa, California is on fire. Looters have broken into the building . @nbcsandiego
Police arrived more than an hour after the Kicx store was raided
Police presence in downtown Sacramento at 10th and K, a well-known business district, briefly turned chaotic after a man was pepper sprayed
Some guys looting the Kicx store
[email protected] Chief Bill Scott: "We have officers at Union Square dealing with looting, dealing with people breaking windows, tearing down businesses that people have spent their lives to build. If you're a San Franciscan, is that what you want?"
[email protected] declares state of emergency in LosAngeles county & approves request to deploy members of the NationalGuard. @KTVU
LAFD is battling at least two fires at buildings on Melrose Avenue. 'It could be a long night,' chief says
Protests in Santa Ana tonight prompted Orange County law enforcement to declare a "Code Checkmate Charlie," meaning law enforcement resources from all other OC cities are being requested for assistance
Chopper5 over Emeryville where looters have ransacked stores on Bay St. @EmeryvillePD says there is not ONE protester among the people looting.
Large fire now burning on Melrose ave in LA.
Pearls on Melrose has burned and Starbucks just down the street from it is currently on fire. @FOXLA
Building on fire in the Fairfax/Melrose area @NBCLA
People are posing in front of this burning Vons truck for photos LaMesa @sdut
In Oakland, people are marching from 14th Street and Broadway to Lake Merritt to protest the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.
Pasadena has also joined other cities in SoCal and around the country that have issued a curfew
More looting just 6th & Broadway in DTLA. ⁦@CBSLA⁩
Protesters lit this Heartland fire truck on fire outside La Mesa Police Department @CBS8 @News8 @thecwsandiego
Police try to keep people out of @CityofBevHills at Dayton Way— and away from Rodeo Drive.
Stores in Fairfax District are being looted. Area is Fairfax and Melrose   @NBCLA1 year ago
Stores in Fairfax District are being looted. Area is Fairfax and Melrose @NBCLA
Police have taken control of Santa Monica Boulevard between Beverly and Rodeo. Earlier they launched tear gas to move the crowd.
Looters have entered the Off Fifth store in Market in SF. Saw several people leaving with armfuls of clothes. Police moving their line up Market street @KCBSRadio
San Diego Police blocking entrances to Mission and Fashion Valley Malls as preventative measure NBC7
[email protected] have been pretty much escorting the crowd since they left city hall. Making sure the roads are clear for them.
Santa Ana police have pushed about 100 protestors from the front steps of the PD on Boyd Way @cbsla
San Diego protests continue
Los Angeles officials have asked for the National Guard to be deployed to Southern California to help police the area
These are photos from LAPD in the Fairfax District. Where an officer suffered a broken leg. Large rocks were being thrown. @KNX1070
Law enforcement chopper uses loudspeaker to declare unlawful assembly in @CityofBevHills. #LosAngelesProtests @KNX1070
[email protected] says he has asked @CAgovernor to send 500 National Guard troops as protests continue to grow; Live coverage on Channel 4 @NBCLA
The Grove shopping center in LA1 year ago
The Grove shopping center in LA
The @MayorOfLA has just expanded the 8pm curfew for all of LosAngeles because of violent GeorgeFloydProtests. Meanwhile, at Edinburgh & Beverly, some protesters continue to provoke police, throwing fireworks, water bottles, rocks. Some hold signs in stoic silence
Santa Monica has also imposed a city-wide curfew from 8 p.m. Saturday until 5:30 a.m. Sunday, joining the cities of LA, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills
Looting on Rodeo Drive too. Gucci broken into
Rioters just broke onto CBS studio lot off Fairfiax
Protesters and police are blocking the entrance to the Bay Bridge at Harrison and 1st Street in San Francisco
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